DateMedia Interview
Sept. 1, 2014CNN
The Rise of the Chinese Middle Class
CNN's Andrew Stevens talks to a panel of experts about the rising spending power of the Chinese middle class
Hong Kong, China
Jan. 24, 2014CCTV-America
Insight: China Spring Festival
To discuss the gigantic human movement during the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival – 3.6 billion trips.
Nov. 7, 2013The Wall Street Journal
Mattel Gives Barbie a Makeover for China
"Without establishing Barbie as a new cultural icon in China, Mattel set itself up for failure," said Helen Wang, a consultant and author of "The Chinese Dream," a book about China's rising middle class.
July 25, 2013Travel Weekly
China's Middle Class: The New Global Travelers
The Chinese middle class — currently estimated at 450 million strong and projected to grow to 800 million by 2025 — is a demographic many travel companies are avidly courting. Business consultant and China expert Helen Wang discusses how travel figures into the “Chinese Dream” for the country’s emerging middle class.
May 6, 2013The Economist
The Chinese Dream: The Role of Thomas Friedman
At least as long as China has had a fast-growing middle class and a booming economy, the term “Chinese dream” (or “China dream”) has surfaced repeatedly in commentary about China’s rise. It has featured in Western book titles such as “The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World's Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You” by Helen Wang (2010);
Mar. 12, 2013CCTV-America: Chinese Consumers
Why Some Brands Succeed While Others Struggle in China
Helen Wang discusses how the Chinese middle class has evolved and how companies can succeed in targeting this demographics.
Nov. 12, Interview with Helen Wang
The Chinese Middle Class View of Leadership Transition
The author Helen Wang explains why foreign passports are currently very popular in the country, the new high earners fear for their wealth and political change is inevitable.
June 26, 2012CNN Monney: China's Middle Class Boom
"...a household considered to be middle-class in China would earn somewhere between $10,000 and $60,000 a year, according to Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World's Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You."
May 3, 2011NPR: Chen Guangchen and U.S. - China Relations
San Francisco, CA
Host: Michael Krasny
Guests: Clayton Dube, executive director of the U.S.-China Institute at the University of Southern California
Orville Schell, director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society
Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World's Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You
Jonathan D. Pollack, Senior Fellow of Brooking Institute
Apr. 25, 2012CNNMoney: China's Growing Middle Class
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- CNNMoney interviewed Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World's Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You. A consultant, Wang was raised in China and has lived in the United States for more than 20 years.
Dec. 6, 2011BBC World News: Helen Wang on Eurozone Debt Crisis
Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream, discusses eurozone debt crisis on BBC World News and how the Chinese middle class could help re-balance the West's economy.
London, the UK
Sept. 7, 2011The Daily: All the Jobs in China
According to Helen Wang, consultant and author of “The Chinese Dream,” even with companies bringing new jobs, China’s middle ranks are as worried about the future as we are.

“They have extreme anxiety because they don’t know how long this window of opportunity will be open,” she told The Daily. “They worry when the optimism will be gone, and if they don’t make enough money, the government won’t take care of them like before. So they grab what they can grab.”
Sept. 6, 2011San Francisco Bay Area Chinese TV KTSF Channel 26: Helen Wang on Talk Tonight Show
San Francisco, CA
Aug. 29, 2011Grace Magazine: The Spirit of the East and West
Chengdu, China
The magazine’s main patrons are modern and trendy Chinese women. I am honored to be in a fashion magazine, but I am even more honored to be named as “The Spirit of the East and West.”
July 20, 2011AmCham-China: Helen Wang on Business Opportunities of the Chinese Middle Class

During her book tour to China, Helen spoke to American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing about what the rise of the Chinese middle class means for American business
July 18, 2011Stanford Magazine Self Life

Wang remembers being baffled at hearing that American protesters would throw eggs at a president—something unthinkable in her native China both because it was seditious and because eggs were too dear to waste. Such observations underpin this rangy examination of China's middle class—already as large as the United States at 300 million and poised to double in 15 years.
July 13, 2011The Daily Caller: Why There's no better time to cut farm subsidies

Helen Wang, an expert on the Chinese economy, estimates that in 2010 over 300 million Chinese (25% of China’s population) met her definition of “middle class.”
July 12, 2011Boston Review: Helen Wang on China's Middle Class
Response to Edward S. Stenfeld's article China's Other Revolution.

One of the critical conditions of democracy is present in China: a large and stable middle class.
July 12, 2011Womenestics: Author Explores the Chinese Middle Class
By Wang Fangqing

SHANGHAI, China – Helen Wang is a Forbes columnist and independent business consultant based in the Silicon Valley. Her recent book, The Chinese Dream, focuses on the rising middle class in China and how this group has reshaped the Chinese economy and changed the dynamics of the world in which we live.
July 3, 2011iTV-Asia: Helen Wang on The Chinese Dream
Shanghai, China

Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What it Means to You, discusses her book, her life and her work with iTV-Asia editor Nicholas MacDonald.
June 24, 2011China Daily: Defining a New Dream
China Daily

Author Helen H. Wang says the country's growing middle class holds the key to deepening trust between the West and China and realizing the value of 'our global oneness'.
Chitralekha Basu reports
June 17, 2011Beijing Today: Chasing the Chinese Dream
Beijing Today Magazine

Last Saturday, Chinese American writer Helen Wang spoke about the Chinese dream and the impact the nation’s rising middle class will have on society and the world at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA).
Beijing, China
June 1, 2011AmCham Shanghai: Helen Wang see enormous opportunities for U.S. companies in China
American Chamber of Commerce
Shanghai, China
May 17, 2011The Christian Science Monitor: Surging BRIC Middle Classes Are-Eclipsing Global-Poverty
The Christian Science Monitor
By Peter Ford

On the personal level, though, the price of social and material success is high, says Helen Wang, author of "The Chinese Dream": "A lot of middle-class people in China are suffering from extreme anxiety … because of peer pressure to keep up with the Joneses, because of the high cost of health care for their parents and of education for their kids."
April 16, 2011Interview with Ric Bratton
This Week in America with Ric Bratton
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show
March 22, 2011Interview with Harry Douglas, Car Concerns
Lifestyle Talk Radios Network
Nationally Syndicated
March 17, 2011Interview with Cynthia Brian
Star Style Radio
March 14, 2011Money Matters w/ Gary Goldberg
Business Talk Radio Network
New York, NY
March 9, 2010Interview with Bill the Brain
1400 KKZZ AM Positive Radio Talk Show
Ventura, CA
March 5, 2011Interview with Gary Freeman
“Across America”
650 AM KGAB Cheyenne’s #1 News Talk
March 3, 2011Interview with Nancy Stapp
1340 KVOT
Taos, New Mexico
March 1, 2011Interview with Marc Bernier
WNDB 1150 AM News Radio
Daytona Beach, Florida
March 1, 2011Interview with Rodd William Stowell
KWNA 1400AM Radio
Winnemucca, Navada
Feb. 23, 2011Interview with John Marcial
KW Magazine (CKWR FM)
Waterloo, Ontario
Feb. 16, 2011Interview with Justin Sasso
Newstalk 1310 KFKA
Feb. 14, 2011Interview with Norm Jones
Feb. 12, 2011Interview with Bill Martines
KBRT Radio 740AM
Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 8, 2011Interview with Jerry Puffer
KSEN Radio 1150 AM
Montana. WA
Feb. 7, 2011Interview with Tommy Schnurmacher
Astral Media CJAD 800 Radio
Montreal. Canada
Feb. 2, 2011Interview with Senator Holland Redfield on Strarght Talk
St. Croix. VI 00820
Jan. 30, 2011San Jose Mercury News, Sunday Edition
Helen Wang's China Book Calls for Understanding
by Mike Cassidy
San Jose, CA
Jan. 28, 2011Interview with Kevin Price
CBS Radio News, Price of Business
Houston, TX
Jan. 18, 2011Interview with Michael Raffaele
WCHE 1520-AM
Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 30th, 2010Interview with China Radio International
Panel discussion on The Chinese Dream
880 AM Beijing
Beijing, China
Dec. 19, 2010A Retail Success Story in China

Helen Wang, a Forbes contributor and expert on China’s middle class, says: “middle class people have available one-third of their income for discretionary spending.” Helen defines China’s middle class as “urban professionals in foreign companies, private businesses, or state enterprises, government officials, and entrepreneurs, who have college degrees and earn an annual income from $10,000 to $60,000. Over three hundred million people, or about 25 percent of China’s population, met these criteria in 2010.
Dec. 13th, 2010Sing Tao Daily
How Forbes Columnist Helen Wang View Chinese Technology Talents
By Sugar Wang
Dec. 10th, 2010Asia Times: Book Review
Eastern Promise
The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You
By Benjamin A Shobert
Dec. 7, 2010Interview with Fox News Talk Show Host Panama
KBZZ – Fox News 1270 AM
Reno, NV
Nov. 30, 2010
Nov. 30, 2010
Interview with Rick Barber
850 KOA-AM News Radio
Denver, CO
Nov. 17, 2010Interview with Michael Ray
National Syndicated Radio Talk Show
Nov. 15, 2010Interview with Positive Talk Radio
1400 KKZZ AM
Ventura, CA
Listen to the interview
Sept. 13, 2010Alibaba Sets Sights on US Markets, Says China Expert
By Ina Stainer
June 30, 2010Interview with Independent Voice
Philadelphia, PA
May 17, 2010Interview with Bob Cudmore
Lite 104.7 / 1570AM WVTL
Amsterdam, N.Y.

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