Amazon Bestseller Campaign – $350+ Value Free Gifts and Italy Prize

Dear All,

I wish that 2011 fulfills many of your dreams! One of my dreams this year is to become a bestselling author, and I’d love to have your help!

I am running an Amazon Bestseller Campaign, offering over $350 value in free gifts for anyone who purchases the book on January 25.

The gifts include:

1)      Special report “Secrets of Succeeding in China.” 52 time-proven tips of doing business in China, covering product strategy, distribution, and cross-cultural communications ($199 value, yours free!)

2)       Whitepaper “Best Practices of Social Media Marketing.” Strategies that turn Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube into a revenue generating machine ($149 value, yours free!)

3)      First 10 people who order the book will also receive a free eBook of The Chinese Dream ($14.99 value, yours free!)

4)      An opportunity to win a three-day hotel stay in Rome, Italy ($1396 value, yours free!). [i]

To claim these free gifts, all you need to do is click on the link below and grab yourself a copy of The Chinese Dream ($12.21), and email the receipt from Amazon to

The Chinese Dream is a great investment for anyone who wants to understand one of the most dynamic forces shaping our world today. Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor Joseph Nye, former dean of the Kennedy School and former Assistant Secretary of Defense, has recently endorsed the book:

“In a mere two decades China has developed the world’s largest middle class. Helen Wang tells that story – and her own – in this wonderfully informative and readable book.”

The Chinese Dream can also be a great gift for the Chinese New Year, birthday, graduation, etc. A portion of royalties of the book sales will be donated to Natural Resources Defense Council and Half the Sky Foundation.

This offer ends at midnight PST TONIGHT (12am Jan. 26)! So click the link below to purchase the book and email the receipt to to claim your free gifts before midnight.

Best regards,


P.S. Remember, to receive your $350+ in free gifts and an opportunity to go to Italy, you must email the receipt to by midnight PST TONIGHT (12am Jan. 26).

[i] Terms and conditions apply

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Online Marketing Internship Opportunity

I am an author and looking for marketing interns to help with a major marketing campaign to launch my new book. You will have opportunities to learn the latest, advanced online marketing and PR skills. The person has to have the desire to learn new things. This would be perfect for students who want to get into this field, but without prior experience.

Job descriptions

– Develop online social network marketing strategies
– Create Keyword & Meta-Description tags for blog posts
– Edit author interview audio files and make them available online
– Create short promotional videos and post them on YouTube
– Work on search engine optimization projects Continue reading

The Obligatory Prayer

Sitting on the rock of Eagle Falls at the Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, when my heart was closest to the nature, I said the obligatory prayer:

“I bear witness, O my God,
that Thou hast created me
to know Thee and to worship Thee.

“I testify, at this moment,
to my powerlessness and to Thy might,
to my poverty and to Thy wealth.

“There is none other God but Thee,
the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.”

So powerful that my mind’s eye
Sees the light of eternity.

So dim, and so bright, that I know
The pass is narrow and long.

So blissful that I am shown the way,
And my heart throbs with joy.

Life and Death of A Tree

This Independence Day weekend, we went to Lake Tahoe. A hike to Eagle Falls gave me unexpected inspiration….

At the bridge of Eagle Falls,
A dying tree
Stands, strikingly,
Against the vitals of green.

A few inches below its roots,
The life-giving water creek
runs, ceaselessly,
toward the valley.

To the sky above,
The lifeless branch,
Stretches, desperately,
As if asking for its life back.

Alas, a narrow distance,
A thin line
Separates, eternally,
Life and death.

Nearby, beside it,
A young tree
Martyrs, peacefully,
To be in the arms of the eternal.

The Pearl River

The Pearl River flows 1,500 miles from the south China plateau eastward to the South China Sea. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in China, with foliage flourishing on its banks all year round.

In the evening, the lights on both sides of the river glow so splendidly that they brighten half the night sky. Legend has it that over two thousand years ago a celestial pearl was lost in the river and, since then, the river has been shining with radiant lights at night. People named it the “Pearl River.” Continue reading


Copyright 2007 Helen Wang

Courage is to speak the truth
when the truth is hard to tell;

Courage is to stand up for what’s right
even if it’s unpopular;

Courage is to go beyond the convention
and challenge the unchallengeable;

Courage is daring to be hopeful
while there seems no hope.


Copyright 2004 Helen Wang

Surrendering, I let go my ego,
Surrendering, I am in no fear,
And surrendering, I am set to be free,
– I turn to Thee.

Let my pen be Thy Pen,
Let my words be Thy Words,
And let my wonder be Thy Wonder,
– I turn to Thee.