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The UK Wants to Be China’s Best Friend, Why Not the US?

The U.K. believes its future is bound to China, but the U.S. views China as a potential threat. Experts discuss the implications of the rise of China. Continue reading

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War or Peace in the South China Sea?

Tension in the South China Sea continues to rise, as China speeds up island-building, citing the U.S. provocation as the reason. Continue reading

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Xi Jinping’s Mideast Trip to Push “One Belt One Road”

The Chinese President Xi Jinping offered billions of dollars in investments in the Middle East as he pushes forward the New Silk Road innitiatives. Continue reading .

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Reports of the Chinese Economy’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Find out the underlying growth drivers that are not being reported in the mainstream media. Continue reading

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China’s Middle Class Has Become a Major Pillar of Its Economy

Despite economic slow-down, Chinese consumers have been spending, providing 60 percent of growth last year. Continue reading

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