Seeking Research Analyst Interns

The Helen Wang Group is seeking research analyst interns to help with a major research project. You will have an opportunity to gain significant knowledge on the Chinese economy, its new middle class, and the Chinese market. This position is perfect for students who want to learn about this field and prepare for future careers in multinationals. As a research analyst, you are responsible for both primary and secondary researches. You will work with other researchers to conduct case studies and produce reports. The work is very intellectually stimulating and challenging. The person must have a desire to learn new things and be a quick learner.

Job Descriptions

  • Conduct market research on targeted industries and companies
  • Design survey questionnaires and conduct online surveys
  • Analyze data, trends, and interpret research results
  • Develop business cases and write research reports
  • Identify useful resources and compile information
  • Assist in producing seminar materials and workbook

Skills Needed

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Resourceful and creative
  • Experience of market research a plus
  • Proficient with Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of Google Doc, and other Google products
  • Ability to take leadership role as well as follow instructions
  • Bachelor or advanced degree in business

This position is based in Silicon Valley, California, but you can work remotely. If interested, please send an introductory email to

About the Employer

Helen H. Wang is an award-winning author, consultant, and expert on China’s middle class. Originally from China, Wang has lived in the United States for more than twenty years. After finishing her master’s degree at Stanford University, she worked in Silicon Valley, holding a variety of jobs, from consultant to Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneur at Internet start-ups. A Forbes columnist and a sought-after speaker, Wang now divides her time between consulting for companies doing business in China and helping non-profit organizations make a difference. Please see the detailed information here.