The Chinese Dream 2nd Edition with Foreword by Lord Wei

I am delighted to announce that The Chinese Dream 2nd edition, with Foreword by Lord Wei, will be out soon. The 2nd edition has new materials, updated data and more stories.

Below is the new Foreword by Lord Wei:


Helen Wang’s book represents a powerful contribution to a timely debate about China’s role in the world and how changes wrought by her rising middle class will affect us all. In the past the Chinese Dream spoke of centuries of innovation that have given us gunpowder, beautiful ceramics, and gigantic monuments that speak of the Middle Kingdom’s civilization, inventiveness and its ability to organize its affairs over a vast land mass and population covering many millions.

The Chinese Dream today as portrayed in Helen’s book speaks of a changing China that is discovering consumerism, that is increasingly globalised, and also at a crossroads. Will her path in years to come continue to be one that resembles that of Western countries with all the benefits of further urbanization, wealth, and industrialization, but at the same time challenges in managing scarce resources, population migration, and the social problems that affluence can bring, elsewhere called ‘Affluenza’? Or will the Chinese people themselves inside and outside China create a new sustainable Chinese Dream, based on their ancient values of respect for culture, family, and nature, harnessing technology and creativity?

Only time will tell, but Helen’s book gives insights into how middle class Chinese consumers are thinking, what they are buying, and the lifestyle pressures they are facing which hints at the possible paths ahead. Over time the symbols of the Chinese Dream will emerge, just as red pillar boxes and the English countryside did for the British Dream in the 19th century and white picket fences and jeans have for the American Dream in the 20th century. The enduring symbols of the Chinese Dream are being invented at this very moment in time.

Above all, and whichever Dream emerges, Helen’s book is a reminder of how China’s destiny and that of the rest of the world are now inextricably linked, in a Oneness, that can no longer be ignored. To act in ignorance of this interdependence could tear the world apart; embracing it on the other hand may provide a way out of the many challenges we face in the early 21st century. If Chinese and non-Chinese can build on their mutual strengths and come up with innovative solutions that bring together the best of the East and the West then we will all increasingly benefit from the Chinese Dream.

Lord Wei of Shoreditch

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My Interview on CNNMoney

This week, CNNMoney is running a series of articles about China. I was interviewed on the topic of China's growing middle class. It is a good thing that mainstream media has started to pay more attention to China.

Among the series, an article "US Companies Betting Big in China" showcased some of the most successful US companies in China:
  • Apple's sales in China reached $12 billion in 2011
  • KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco bell opened 656 new restaurants in China last year alone
  • Boeing predicts China's aircraft market will generate $200 billion revenue
While multinationals have made significant inroads to China, small and medium sized companies face entry barriers due to lack of resources. To address this problem, I will launch seminars later this year to help small and medium sized companies to take advantage of China's growing market. Stay tune!
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The Chinese Dream Won The First Horizon Award

I am excited to announce that my book The Chinese Dream has won The First Horizon Award. This award is given by the Eric Hoffer Award for books each year to recognize superior work by debut authors.

About 250 first-time authors participated in the contest. Thirty-five people entered as finalists. Among them, five authors won the award. I am honored to be one of the five winners.

The Eric Hoffer Award is established to honor excellence in independent publishers such as academic, small press and self-published authors. For more information about The Eric Hoffer Award for books, please visit here.

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