Reviews of The Chinese Dream – Please Share Your Thoughts

I told myself that I would not work during vacation, but here I am, blogging. Well, since several reviews about my book The Chinese Dream surfaced on the Internet this past week, I thought I might as well sacrifice a couple of hours on the beach to write a summary of them.

First, a review by Xujun Eberlein: The Ambivalent Role of China’s Middle Class. Eberlein is the author of Apologies Forthcoming. She has been active in blogging about politics and culture related to China. Eberlein shared her fair views about what she agrees and disagrees with the book, and raised some good questions. I appreciate her opinion and skepticism, which is important as a book reviewer. I would say, though, she might have misconstrued the concept of “oneness” as “monotheism.”  By “oneness”, I mean dynamic balance of differences among different parties that ultimately creates unity. I understand this is a novel idea, but this is the subject of another article.

The second review is by Sinalunya: The Chinese Dream – A Review. Sinalunya is a website aimed at compiling information about Chinese economic, social and cultural relationships.  Sinalunya is obviously a fan of The Chinese Dream. It believes that The Chinese Dream is equivalent to Robert Kaplan’s “An Empire Wilderness: Travel’s into America’s Future”. Frankly, I didn’t know who Robert Kaplan was until I googled him. Now I have to read An Empire Wilderness.

The third review is by Jing Daily: Q&A: Helen Wang, Author, “The Chinese Dream”. Jing Daily publishes articles and newsletters about luxury business and culture in China. Jing Daily posed excellent questions such as what is the negative impact of the Chinese middle class on the global economy, how communism and capitalism coexist in China, and what are the key strategies for Western companies to enter the China market. If you are interested in tapping into the opportunities of the Chinese middle class, be sure to check this out.

What do you like and dislike about The Chinese Dream? I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts below in the comment area or click the “Like” button.

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