21 years after Tiananmen Square, will the Chinese middle class push for democracy?

Twenty-one years ago, thousands of Chinese students gathered at Tiananmen Square demanding more democracy. The world still remembers the stunning image of a lone student standing in front of armed tanks in an attempt to block the tanks from entering into the Square.

At the time, I had just arrived in the United States as a student and watched the entire demonstration on TV. Like other Chinese students in the U. S., I protested with them on the streets and wept with them when the crackeddown came.

Twenty-one years later, China has changed to a very different country. Today’s new middle class Chinese have little in common with the idealistic students. They are the beneficiaries of China‚Äôs economic reform. Most of them approve what the government has done. They are all busy trying to keep up with the swirling changes. Continue reading

China Experts Assess Next Steps for U.S. Policy Toward Beijing

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RAY SUAREZ: And for more on that relationship, we turn to Kenneth Lieberthal, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institutions and former National Security Council staff official dealing with China in the Clinton administration, and Ted Fishman, a journalist, former trader, and adviser to companies operating in China. He’s the author of “China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World.”

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