Chinese Female Consumers Are Growth Story of 2010

Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group tells CNBC’s Oriel Morrison why he believes the investment story for 2010 will be the Chinese female consumer.

2 thoughts on “Chinese Female Consumers Are Growth Story of 2010

  1. The interest article on the democratization of China pushed by the middle class is very interesting.

    In the end it will illustrate the classic debate: does economics drive politics or vice versa.

    What I can say is that once women are empowered, they drive a lot of things from cars, to policies to development. Ooops – no pun intended. (some humor here!). Both nations and women are far less empowered in systems that are not democratic, precisely because undemocratic countries do not unleash the potential and creativity of people the way democratic societies do.

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