Life and Death of A Tree

This Independence Day weekend, we went to Lake Tahoe. A hike to Eagle Falls gave me unexpected inspiration….

At the bridge of Eagle Falls,
A dying tree
Stands, strikingly,
Against the vitals of green.

A few inches below its roots,
The life-giving water creek
runs, ceaselessly,
toward the valley.

To the sky above,
The lifeless branch,
Stretches, desperately,
As if asking for its life back.

Alas, a narrow distance,
A thin line
Separates, eternally,
Life and death.

Nearby, beside it,
A young tree
Martyrs, peacefully,
To be in the arms of the eternal.

5 thoughts on “Life and Death of A Tree

  1. How beautiful. Please check out my poem entitled Quercus Magnificance. Dead trees in this area are commonly called Snags…the master gardeners and those who promote the saving of the live Oaks try very hard to get the message out not to cut them down at any cost. Anyway, these Snags are unsightly to many but the beauty they entice is well worth not cutting them down, i.e. wood peckers, owls, and many small birds looking for refuge and a tid bit. Thank you for postin this.

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