Copyright 2007 Helen Wang

Courage is to speak the truth
when the truth is hard to tell;

Courage is to stand up for what’s right
even if it’s unpopular;

Courage is to go beyond the convention
and challenge the unchallengeable;

Courage is daring to be hopeful
while there seems no hope.

5 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Nice one, Helen. Every line is true. I love your icon. You have a beautiful smile.

  2. It’s exceptionally hard in today’s politically correct world … but you’re right. If you see something as truth, have the courage of your convictions. The worst that can happen is that one day you’ll have to say, “I was wrong.” 🙂 Great poem/

  3. PS Janet sent me over to read your poem. It was worth passing on … that says a lot 🙂

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