I Am Grateful

Copyright 2007 P. S. Clarke

I am grateful that the sky is blue, trees are green, and life is peaceful;
I am grateful that the tea is brewing, music is chanting, and home is beautiful.

I am grateful that the right books were given to me at the right times;
And I am grateful that I heeded the beckoning signs.

I am grateful that I am walking in my childhood’s dream,
and that dream is not lost;
I am grateful that I have kept my sanity in this insane world,
and the world is spinning.

I am grateful for the faith that has sustained me through the darkest nights;
I am grateful for a love that has endeared me at crimson morns.

I am grateful that all the pains, although still hurting, are healing;
I am grateful that all the hopes, however far reaching, are coming.

I am grateful for the bounty of God that is boundless,
and I am grateful that I pray –
I am grateful for little things in life – the rose petal, sweet peach and cherry
blossoms, for only I know how grateful I am!

2008: The Year of China

On my way back from a family event in Chicago on January 2nd, I was drawn to the magazine rack in a convenient store in O’Hara airport. Among the stacked magazines, the following cover stories caught my attention:

What’s Next: China (Newsweek)

Can the world survive China’s rush to emulate the American way of life?(Mother Jones)

The Newsweek article is particularly interesting, as it provides a balanced view on China (although some insecurity and hostility are still inevitable). Here are some startling statistics cited by Fareed Zakaria for what’s happened to China in 2007: Continue reading