The Bay Area – China Connection

The Bay Area – China Connection, a forum hosted by Commonwealth Club of California, brought together industry leaders to review the Bay Area’s historical and cultural ties to China, and discuss what we can do to deepen the connections. It is a conversation that is very timely and much needed.

The theme of the discussion focused on the United States and China as two anchors of the growth in the world economy, and how to leverage the assets from both sides. One interesting comment from the panelists is that the world map is out-of-date. The world today is no longer centered on the Atlantic, but the Pacific: “When you sit in Starbucks in Shanghai and hear young people talking about businesses and MBAs, you would wonder whether you are in the United States!”

Certainly, the Bay Area has distinctive advantages in technology, venture capital, and academics that no other place can match to help strengthen the ties between the United States and China. It’s very encouraging to see that so many people are doing it!

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