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Apparently, I am in a shopping mood lately. How can I not be? The holidays are in the air! In this Internet age, shopping can be at our fingertips. If you are like me who like online shopping, here are a few online stores that I would recommend: is a site that carries classy and high quality furniture and home accessories. I find products there exquisite with unique style. Browsing through its “online showrooms” is like indulging in art galleries. It’s educational and fun.

I particularly like its accent pieces: the lattice console with hand-applied gold leaf make a bold statement of luxury, and the wraparound chaise lounge with tassels feels cozy and romantic.

Although is affiliated with Neiman Marcus, the prices are not necessarily “needless markup.” In fact, you can get better deals there than elsewhere for the same thing.

If you are more price conscious, Touch of Class is a site worth looking into. It carries nice home products with reasonable prices. The good thing about Touch of Class is that it has products in different styles, such as Victorian, Southwest, Safari, Tuscan, and Asian. So it has something for everyone.

I found its artwork and wall sculptures gorgeous. The tapestries are beautiful and yet affordable. The rugs are well-made with many selections. One of the rugs – the round imperial palace area rug caught my eyes. I bought one for our new home – it turned out to be a glamorous display!

I have been shopping from these two sites for quite a while. Beside the fact that Horchow’s products could take as long as three months to deliver, my experience with both sites is pretty positive.

In this holiday season, if you want to avoid squeezing into crowded shopping malls, why not make online shopping fun?

7 thoughts on “Online Shopping Made Fun

  1. I love LLBean and Barnes and Noble on-line. I have an LLBean VISA, so I get free shipping all the time, and at B & N, if you spend at least $25, you get free shipping. With the gift cards from Gather, I got lots of Christmas gifts there.

    I do almost all of my shopping online, year round.

  2. Hi Ladies, I run a website,, I have affiliate links to,,,, and, if anyone is looking for great deals online, take a look, I have links to special deals that these retailers only provide to their affiliates, you get better deals than going directly to each retailers website. Happy Holiday shopping.

  3. Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing. I got to try Barnes and Noble sometime soon. The free shipping is very attractive. I shop books mostly on Amazon.

  4. I love shopping online. It gives me access to stores we don’t have around here and I find lots of goodies in the UK plus there are many online shopkeepers who have unusual items (like the airplane mailbox I got a couple years ago) that you just can’t find locally and if not for the internet, would never know they exist!

  5. Keith, thank you for sharing your website, I will take a look. Happy holiday shopping to you too!

    Beth, the airplance mailbox sounds interesting. Where did you get it? Yes, I agree that online stores have more unusual items that we would not find locally. Happy shopping!

  6. Online shopping is my greatest sin! it’s all too easy to spend hours browsing and charge up a bill without even having to sign. but it’s also a real convenience–a lot of my collegues accomplished their holiday shopping online…. which is fine, so long as it’s not at work

  7. I’ve been hooked on gift baskets from Mrs. Fields. Don’t know if its because of the site or the great packaging, but it really makes a great gift.

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