Furnishing A Beautiful Home

Furnishing a new home can be a very challenging project. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration: the quality, the style, the comfort, and the price, etc. Most of all, how we furnish our homes tells a lot about who we are and what we value.

Despite my strong interest in home design, getting the right furniture for my new home is still quite an overwhelming task. After some intense research and numerous visits to furniture stores, I found the fine furniture by Amini Innovation Corp. (AICO) a shining crown jewel that clearly stands out among its rivals.

Designed in the United States with an exquisite European touch, AICO furniture featuring Michael Amini Signature Series are impressive collections of distinctive style and fine quality. Each carefully designed piece is marked with superior craftsmanship. Thanks to globalization, AICO furniture is handcrafted and manufactured in China, making this high-end luxury home furniture relatively affordable.

Among its many selections, Cortina bedroom set caught my attention. Inspired by the beautiful resort Cortina d’Ampezzo in northern Italy, the Cortina bedroom furniture is a stunning example of combining classic sleigh bed with modern elegance. Its unique Oval Marble Medallion accent in the center of the headboard gives a feel and look of majesty; and the gentle curves and subtle texture set the tone for romance. Indeed, each collection of AICO furniture is characterized with a cultrural and cosmopolitan flair.

When it comes to home furnishing, I see it more than a project to furnish a beautiful and comfortable home. It is also a chance to go deeper inside ourselves and understand who we are and how we want to express ourselves. As we know, after traveling all over the world, the greatest trip is returning home – that’s where our families and friends are.

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19 thoughts on “Furnishing A Beautiful Home

  1. Is that your home in the picture..?
    Ooooooooohhh..! Wow!
    you are simply great..!

    Thanks for sharing all the info..

    With Best Regards,

  2. Srijith,

    Thanks for the visit. No, that’s not my home in the picture. I am simply introducing a furniture manufacture that I really appreciate it. Hope it adds value to others.

  3. I’m sort of partial to what I call cottage/shabby chic/ early ghosttown myself. It defines the travels I do, and who and what I am.

  4. Very pretty, but I think I am into ‘modern’ furniture of late (especially now that many of my clients are Italian furniture companies). nice hutch though!

  5. I like cottage style or craftsman style (Stickley) furniture. We are very casual in our home.

  6. Sandra, I like casual too. For example, my family room is very casual and comfortable.

    Candice, I used to like modern furniture. Now I am leaning toward Victoria and vintage decor.

  7. I tended towards modern until I moved into my little 1939 cottage 25 years ago, it just seemed to warrant a more casual and cozy style with nooks and crannies to relax in and lots of collections, and walls lined with books. Definitely hands on and easy care for the plethora of animals I brought into my world., also!

  8. It all sounds lovely! I find my taste changing as I (ahem!) age a bit although I’ll never give up all the bookshelves.

    A couple of interesting traditional-but-eclectic places to look for furniture and accents are Horchow and, a place I recently discovered when I was in LA, ZGallerie. Horchow carries many unique imports.

  9. Dianna,

    Both Horchow and Z-Gallery are my favorites. I have been buying from them for a while. Horchow has really nice stuffs, carrying brand names, but sometime it can be expensive. G-gallery has unique things too, and the prices are reasonable. Thanks for sharing!

  10. hi helen! aico certainly stands out! you are right..our homes are certainly reflections of ourselves..and thats why my room is in such a mess right now..unsettled! 🙂

  11. Helen,

    The sets are most definitely beautiful. I love to daydream about decorating my house in many of the distinct styles which capture my eye.

    I read an interesting piece in an English Composition class one year about packaging. The author of the piece spoke about how we package ourselves for the outside world by a variety of means: clothes, make-up, cars, etc. In the essay, he focused on how we even use our home furnishings to package our identity for our friends and other assorted visitors.

    Unfortunately, I have since sold the book in which it was printed and I cannot remember the title of it. It is a very interesting field of thought and perspective indeed.


    P.S. You have been tagged in the game of blog tag. Check out my page for more information.

  12. Bellevoce,

    Thank you for tagging me. This is a wonderufl way to get to know each other. Here are my fives:

    Thanks for tagging me. This is a wonderful way to get to know each other. Here are my fives:

    1) I came to this country as a Chinese student hardly speaking fluent English;
    2) I succeeded in Silicon Valley with originally no tech background;
    3) I am optimistic and see glass half-full;
    4) I feel a foreigner among Americans, and also a foreigner among Chinese;
    5) I am passionate about life and want to make it beautiful!

  13. Dear Helen:

    I work for Michael Amini, and very much appreciated your eloquent endorsement of the furniture he designs. We recently published a coffee table book that I am certain you would enjoy. I would love to send you a copy as a gift. If you are able to email me n mailing address to send it to, please do so via our website.

    Wishing you continued joy in your good life,


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