Our Lives and Our World

Like most people, I want to have a good life. I like to dress myself up beautifully and elegantly, I enjoy healthy food and fine dining, I am fascinated to make my home look like an art gallery, and I love to travel around the world to see places and learn different cultures.

Like most people, I care about our world. I like to live in a world where there is more justice and less poverty, where the waters are pure, the fields are green, and food is grown with natural substances, where people appreciate arts and cultures, and live in harmony and unity.

I often asked myself: what can I do to combine my talents and passions to make a difference? Can I live good and live well? Now time has come and the answer is: Yes, we can live a quality and healthy lifestyle with good taste, and at the same time, support the issues of fair trade, organic production and green undertaking in our daily life, simply by making the following choices:

When picking up my next fashion and accessories, I know I am not only showcasing my exquisite taste and intrinsic sense of style, but also making a choice to select items with natural fabric and jewelry made by artists who are being paid fair wages.

Make a deliberate effort to eat organic food with plenty of vegetables and fruits, because I am not only conscious of my own health, but also the health of our earth. By choosing to favor healthy diet, we can help to keep our environment pure and wholesome towards a sustainable future.

When it comes to my home, I can use renewable energy supply, solar power, or even bio-feul, and yet to make it as tasteful as a museum. We can enhance the home environment without exploiting the world environment.

We can live a beautiful life with a beautiful purpose. Like most people, I want to live a good life. And, at the same time, I would like to see the sky bluer; I would like to see the rivers purer; I would like to see the mountains greener; and I would like to see the earth younger!

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16 thoughts on “Our Lives and Our World

  1. You are a wonderful person, and a wonderful writer too. This is beautiful, all you have offered here. I am an environmental health writer, just finished a new book, taking a break and reading blogs and walking in the sunshine. Finding your blog was like more sunshine on an already beautiful day. Hello from Rick in Vancouver. And thank you. http://www.grassrootsrising.us

  2. Thank you very much for your comments on my blog! I am glad to know that San Francisco is one of the top 10 clean cities.

    BTW, I look forward to reading your book.

  3. Thank you Helen, for your comments. And your interest in my book. In fact, seeing a little more about you, I realize now that you are very much the kind of person we are hoping to reach with that work.

    It is co-authored by California actor/environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., and Canadian geneticist Dr. David Suzuki. And I would truly love your feedback if you really do happen to read it. It is not in bookstores for some time to come, but can be found and ordered at http://www.grassrootsrising.us

    We even have some plans to try to bring some of the information in that work to Asia, perhaps you would be able to offer some advice on that one day. Meanwhile, I hope you are getting beautiful spring weather in SF, as we are in Vancouver. cheers, Rick 🙂

  4. Good article.

    I do not understand those who would suggest that living in a way that you suggest is contrary to “business” when what you propose could be business in and of itself.

    The greatest business endeavor yet to be undertaken is the business of serviice to the environment.

    Nice job.

  5. What a lovely article. The only problem is the difficulty of finding products that are made in the US or another country where people are paid well for their labor. Even clothing. Made in China, made in Taiwan, made in Mexico….
    But you have inspired me. I shall exert more effort.

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your comments!

    Stuart, I agree with you that greatest business endeavor is the business of service to the environment.

    Nancy, perhaps we can do some education and raise consciousness in this area.

    Betty, thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.

  7. This article has poetic grace and beauty, with an admirable invitation to live well and mindfully. Thank you!

  8. Helen, what a great article…living a life of style with substance is a must! And, you are setting the perfect example. I am so please to be able to be your Co-editor on this site…where will we can discuss such issues that we can all enjoy living a beautiful life with a beautiful purpose. Always, with a keen awareness & integrity to our surroundings and environment. You rock…

  9. Lovely article, Helen. Really appreciate how you both live the good life and pay heed not to trample the earth in the process. Kudos! A healthy reminder and inspiration to us all.

  10. Really great suggestions for a happy and healthy life. Only if more people would take to these, we would have bluer skies, purer rivers and cleaner earth. Frankly, I for one am inspired.

    Actually, I’ve been to this international township called Auroville in Pondicherry in Southern India (www.auroville.org) and it’s a beautifully maintained place where people (from as many as 40 countries) live in harmony with nature. There is plenty of greenery everywhere, the cooking is mainly by solar energy, everybody makes a conscious effort to care for their surroundings and yet live happily. I think they come close to what you have described.

  11. I really appreciate this article– timely, as I am on my own path to find something I can feel comfortable with as a “sustainable” life, in general centered around the notion of voluntary simplicity and making wise choices.

  12. There should be more people with your vision. I also agree with grassrootsblogger and arjun ramakrishnan

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