I Ask….

I asked the dawn: “Where is the dewdrop that wet my lips last night and was suddenly gone before the sunrise?”

The dawn smiled: ‘It’s in the lightness of breezes and fragrance of flowers.”

I asked breezes and flowers: “What is the color of my love and that shall never fade?”

The breezes and flowers whispered: “It’s the color of the Spring that is dancing on the hills.”

I asked the hills: “How many more peaks and valleys on my path before I reach the blue sky?”

The hills echoed: “As many as you can endure until your inner and outer strengths lift you high.”

I asked the sky: “Why did the most innocent eyes, that are as pure as you, have to see the agony of death?”

The sky wept: “The eyes of the innocent see beyond death – they see the ocean.”

I asked the ocean: “Where is the vastness of your mercy now that I only taste the bitterness in you?”

The ocean sighed: “Without bitterness, how would you know the sweetness of joy?”

Finally, I asked God: “What is the happiness of life when it is full of tribulation?”

God answered: “The meaning of life is rejoicing in the face of adversity.”

— Dedicated to my friend Jennifer and others who face the great difficulties in life with amazing strength and grace.

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31 thoughts on “I Ask….

  1. helen…this is a truly amazing post and I loved loved every bit of it.
    You get to read such beautiful pieces when you buy a book but look at me…I get this for free from your blog.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  2. Maya,

    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment! It’s inspired by a real life tragedy. I hope it provides inspiration and encouragement for people who face difficulties in life.

    I enjoy reading your blog too.

  3. Wow, what an awesome poem, Helen! I love how you start this. And oh yes, what a beautiful rose. Enchanting!!!! I can’t stop looking at it! Thanks.

  4. Helen, you did a wonderful thing for your friend in writing this. You’ve put absolutely beautiful words to her struggles and her triumph.

  5. I would love to hear this as a song or even with background music as it is so very lyrical!

  6. Wow Helen!!!

    I have always admired you for your business savvy, worldly knowledge, and physical beauty…And while I know you also have tremendous courage, what this poem does so wonderfully, is that it demonstrates you are also an amazing writer with a warm and giving heart. For you have so eloquently defined that courage, and have packaged it up in a beautiful inspiring gift for your friends….I am in awe!

  7. This is excellent, Helen! I love how the verses each meander from image to concept. I’m only sorry that it was such a sad thing for you.

  8. Jen, Thanks for connecting. Perhaps you can add music to it?

    Bonnie, Thank you so much for your very kind comment. When you see the trial time in life, sudden loss of the loved one, beautiful young children witnessing death, you would wonder why all these are happening?! It made me to reflect the meaning of life….

    Thanks, everyone else, for your comments.

  9. Helen, what a lovely tribute to your dear friend. Well done & very moving.

  10. Hi Helen

    This is a beautiful poem. Jennifer forwarded it me as I am Larry’s sister. Your words are a comfort during this devastating time. Thank you for your support of Jennifer and the girls. You are a wonderful person.


  11. Eileen,

    I am so glad you found this peom comforting during this trial time. You and your family and your loved ones are all in my thoughts and prayers….

  12. My daughters untimely death was and still is devastating but I am going on and am inspired to write. This post touches my heart and soul in a deep and profound way and I thank you for pointing it out to me. You have a true gift. Thank you, HUGS

  13. Oh Helen, it’s wonderful and very meaningful. Please see my comment regarding the photo which accompanies this lovely poem.

  14. Helen, this is truly exquisite! I don’t know how I missed it, and you published it on my dearly departed sister’s birthday. This is beautiful!

  15. The question-and-answer form draws me into this poem and keeps me wanting to know: what’s next? Lovely writing.

  16. Taught lovely prose, that through a humble eye seeks answers to the hurt in life. Very well done Helen.

  17. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful and stimulating poem that spoke volumes to the heart.

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