9 thoughts on “The Roof

  1. This is gorgeous. I love detail and pattern and interesting shapes in photos.

  2. Another beautiful pic. Do yo udo this for a living? I wonder where you were went this was taken.

  3. Rushmore,

    I hardly consider myself a photographer. No, I don’t do this for a living. This was taken in Vienna, the roof of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

  4. Fascinating. Beyond texture…perhaps a surreal invitation to peek into some mysterious other dimension. Or some human-induced cancer erupted on the scaled body of an unknown creature. Would make quite a challenging puzzle. I really like it! Good eye.

  5. I love this image Helen. It is a realy good exploration of texture and pattern. I appreciate that you did not center the window element. I find that strong elements placed off center help my eye to realy move around the composition.

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