Celebrating Womanhood

For all the women in the world – sisters, mothers, daughters, and wives:

Blessed be my brain
that I may conceive of my own power.

Blessed be my breast
that I may give sustanence to those I love.

Blessed be my womb
that I may create what I chose to create.

Blessed be my knees
that I may bend so as not to break.

Blessed be my feet
that I may walk in the path of my highest will.

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating Womanhood

  1. This is belated post for International Women’s Day. I didn’t want this day go by without celebrating it. Hope it still captured the spirit.

  2. Helen – Simple, beautiful and incredibly inspiring!

    I thought at first you had written this, and was going to tell you how even MORE astounding you are – than I thought!

    Nonetheless, it’s wonderful….and thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  3. Helen, this is a beautiful tribute to the feminine spirit. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. This is a wonderful and inspiring poem, Helen. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Simple is truth, in its naked affirmations, to be visible is to be alive, to know thyself a blessing! Excellent poem and wordage. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing.

  6. Robin, Thank you writing …it said it all in such a lovely manner. We all should celebrate & feel blessed for ourselves, our bodies & our minds!!! I am sending this onto my sisters & friends. Cheers, Maureen

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