Art of Bubble Bath

My dearest husband knows I love bubble bath. When remodeling the house, he deliberately made an effort to put in a whirlpool bath tub for me. Thanks to his loving kindness, since then, the bubble bath has become my weekly ritual.

In the end of a day, nothing can be more luxurious than immersing myself in the rich bath bubbles filled with refreshing aroma. I would dim the light, turn on the soothing music, and then soak into a deep tranquility…. I could feel the silky water running through my body and washing away all the stress and tension; I would let my thoughts travel with my prayers through time and space to utterly nothingness, and let the healing power of the universe permeate me…. That’s the time when I completely let myself be…..

Sometime, I like to have an invigorating bubble bath. Instead of using soothing lavender, I would put in chocolate milk bubble bath made of organic cocoa antioxidant complex with milk proteins. It is an ultimate bath indulgence! After absorbing in a water of delicious chocolate bliss with milky foam, I emerge from the tub feeling sweet, creamy, and irresistible! Next day, my skin would shine with a healthy shimming copper color under the sun. That’s the time when I am rejuvenated and renewed….

In a romantic evening, I would light the candles around the bath tub, pour in rosewater bubble bath gel, drop a few flower petals into the water, and invite my loved one to join me for an exotic bath…. I would splash the water back and forth; I would let foam hide me and reveal me; I could feel the surging wave of love above me and beneath me; I could sense the flaming fire of desire fill me and enrapture me…. That’s the time when the two become one and one becomes eternal….

This is the art of bubble bath. Please, indulge yourselves in the sensation of the bubble bath, at least once a week. It will help us to restore our sanity and serenity, and feel wholesome and blissful!

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9 thoughts on “Art of Bubble Bath

  1. It was relaxing just reading this. You have a gift giving beautiful words to your thoughts.

    Enjoy the tub!

  2. Helen,
    You are a woman after my own heart. I adore a great soak! You’ve brought it to us practically and temptingly all at once!

  3. currently we use mr bubble (sensitive). it changes, when a 3 year old is running the house….

    loved this!

  4. It’s someting we share on vacations but perhaps we should find a way to celebrate more often.

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