Happy New Year 2006

Somewhere in history, the last night of 2005 should be written like this:

On Ocean Avenue in Miami Beach, in a French-Italian restaurant called “Casablanca,” a dinner with Maine lobster stuffed with crabmeat, and a complementary Champaign (even though I don’t drink any alcohol)….

The weather was warm but not hot. There were Egyptian dancers and Latin American musicians; the neon lights were making the street and sky bright and beautiful.

Streams of people were walking on Ocean Avenue in their festive clothes; families and friends were gathering; kids were running around; lovers were cuddling with each other; a couple was getting married on the beach before midnight…

Then, there were congregative voices counting down the last minutes of 2005: five, four, three, two… blast – spectacular fireworks lighting the sky above Miami Beach, pronouncing a spectacular 2006!

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2006

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