Fashion and You

“Fashion is a tool. Pick it up and use it to your advantage,” said the fashion educator and consultant Anthea Tolomei at Stanford Professional Women Executive Speaking Series Transformation in Style: Presenting Your Best Image.

Anthea, who brought with her 16 years experience in style and fashion, spoke to an audience of 175 Stanford women about how to define style, select colors, and dress to create an illusion that makes you look slender and taller.

What we wear speaks the message for us. We never have a second chance for the first impression. As professional women, it’s important for us to understand our own style, and learn to shop purposefully. If we are smart, Anthea said, we could make the San Francisco our walk in closets!

Anthea spoke with such a style and flare. Her eloquent words were accompanied with projecting pictures on the screen. For a moment, I thought she was in a fashion performance show herself!

While I was sitting in the audience, my mind started going through my closet, picking up the colors that feature my eyes, hair and skin tone, discovering the new combinations, matching the shoes with the jackets, using a shawl to bring out my lipstick color, and playing the power of back drop dressing….

All of a sudden, the new inspiration was born! “New Year, Renew You.” Don’t let fashion wear you! Unleash your impeccable sense of fashion from within. Let your character shine through; let your style showcase you! Are you ready to create a brand new image of YOU?

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9 thoughts on “Fashion and You

  1. helen, thanks for stopping by..i went around your blog a bit and i have to tell you that i admire women like you. you have achieved a lot and i feel so proud. i just hope more and more women follow your footsteps and achieve a lot of greatness, especially in india where i live. and its great to know your company is doing well. i have a small start up of my own and should learn from your articles. great blogs and surely will keep popping by.

  2. Hi Helen, you guessed right. Yes I am christie and christina and christabelle ( a little crazy trying to choose the one that fits)
    Sorry, I deleted from your blog, but I thought u simply did not read my commenr

  3. Christaboos,

    Of course I read your comment – you are my most visited reader! I am glad you found inspiration for your blog. Please keep up with good work. Thanks for reading my blogs and hope to see more of your comments.

  4. It’s all about wearing what reflects your style, your lifestyle and your personal vision of oneself .. and if the inner vision of yourself (that you see inside your head) doesn’t match the outervision tha others see.. then maybe it’s time to go through the closet and do a bit of housecleaning.. and preferably with a candid and close friend. YES, it’s scary, hard and makes you very vulnerable but well worth the effort

  5. Dear Helen,
    wow that was a great article! I just loved it! So inspirring! Please tell us more on what you learned!!!

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