A Managerial Class in the Making

In my previous post “,” I talked about the shortage of management talent in China, and how it has become a challenge for foreign investors as well as multinationals.

This week’s BusinessWeek has articles about . There is an outbreak of both full-time MBA programs by China’s top universities and EMBA programs by U.S. management schools.

This is very encouraging news, since the No. 1 concern for U.S. companies doing business in China is talent. In the past, multinationals have to import talent from the States. Then there is a problem that senior executives have little understanding of Chinese business practices.

Given the growth in demand for foreign investment in China, it becomes absolutely critical for companies to have the capable mangers who are savvy both in the Western management style and the Chinese ways of doing business to compete and grow in China.

Well, perhaps it doesn’t take a hundred years to grow a person 🙂 .

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4 thoughts on “A Managerial Class in the Making

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  2. I am an entrepreneur and I produce DVDs about kids and animals. My website, kidsloveanimals.com, receives many visits from China each week. How can a small production company in the USA connect with a reputable video distributor in China? Cheers, Paul

  3. Dear Ms. Wang,

    Apologies for posting this here, but I could not find either yours or a corporate email address on the emobilizer.com site.

    My name is Alexander Trup and I am a final year student at Durham University, studying Chinese and business. As part of my degree I am writing a dissertation about strategies for foreign Internet companies entering the Chinese market.

    For this dissertation I will be surveying and interviewing managers, lawyers and consultants etc. who have had experience with Internet companies in China.

    I read about your company in the BusinessWeek article and I was hoping you would be able to share your experiences.

    A telephone interview would be ideal, but I can understand if you do not have the time.

    Many thanks for your time.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander Trup

  4. Alexanda,

    You didn’t leave your contact info (email) for me to get back to you. In the future, you can send inquiries to info at emobilizer dot com.


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