The Leap of Faith

I have been to a few water slides. They are all fun, exciting and exuberating. For someone like me who gets sea-sick easily and doesn’t enjoy either snorkeling or scuba diving, water slides are one of the fun things that I really like to do.

The Leap of Faith” water slide at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island is one of its kind. Shaped as Mayan Temple, it is a 60 foot high slide with a nearly vertical angle, connecting to a crystalline under-water tunnel in a lagoon filled with sharks.

Too embarrassed to back off after standing in the long line to the entry of the slide, I crossed my arms and closed my eyes, and took a leap of faith down the slide… I heard myself screaming in a voice so horrible that I have never heard before. The next thing I felt was that my body was like a bomb shooting out of the under-water cannon. I remembered thinking of those sharks around me… they must be amused to see things like this every day!

Before I could take another breath to scream again, I found myself dropped in a calm-water pool, safe and unharmed. However nerve-racking the experience was, everything finished within 5 seconds. It was indeed a leap of faith!

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26 thoughts on “The Leap of Faith

  1. Great post! I have been to The Leap of Faith water slide. It was a shock the first time. After a while, I love it!

  2. Sharks? Gulp.
    Being a person terrified of heights (higher than a strawberry) and caves and mines, I think I’ll just enjoy your fabulous photos.

  3. Sounds exhilarating but scary! My children would love to get me on this slide but I’m with Wilhelmine. I love the pictures!

  4. I, too, really like the pictures with all those dark, slithery sharkies who must, in the end, get bored with all those humans they see on a daily basis. It’s so frustrating how all the good rides last seconds after waiting an hour. But… queues are part of life.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Whilhelmine, Laurie, and Diana, I don’t blame you :-). It’s really nerve-racking. But now I miss it and I wish I did more.

  6. I would be in the “how do I get there to do this myself crowd.” I laughed out loud imagining you screaming…I always like to wait at the bottom of slides like this to watch other people come off the rush…I’m probably twisted for enjoying this as much as I do! Ha!

  7. OMG…That looks so beautiful, and so much fun!!! I would love that Helen. I’m glad you “went for it”!!!

  8. Helen, my extended family vacationed last weekend at a hot springs resort in Montana. Both nights, the temperature reached 26 degrees below zero. The teenagers in our group had a great time freezing their hair into fantastic dos. All of us except the four-week-old baby went down the warmwater slide, an enclosed translucent tube that started six stories above the level of the outside 94-degree warm pool and descended in a 350-foot spiral, ejecting us into the pool. My grandson George went down the slide 70 times. I went once and enjoyed it in a thrilly, scared way. I yelled loudly on the way down; so did George, each time, in a kind of screaming gargle that left his voice gravelly the next day.

    The slide at Atlantis looks scarier! So almost perpendicular, like one of the waterslides at Disneyland. I should think in that setting you might have thoughts of being sacrificed to a Mayan god. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Helen –

    I want to go – I want to go! Pleeeeeease!!??? Damn – that sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  10. COOL BEANS! & good for you for not backing out! but then, a true ‘fraidy cat would never have traveled from china to become an american citizen, either. double good for you 🙂

  11. Wow! That sounds exhilarating! I can most definitely imagine the fear with sharks encircling you. I bet it was a lot of fun though!

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