Their Hopes and Dreams

The main purpose of my trip to China this time is to talk to potential users and identify their needs. With the help of some friends, I am able to reach them and had some meaningful conversatons and interviews.

Most of these people are from remote provinces. They make handicrafts, pottery, paitings and ethnic goods, and sell at local markets in Beijing. Some of them have to support their families back home in the remote areas such as Yunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, etc. where average annual income per capita is about $250 or lower – below the poverty line.

Non of them have any channel to market their products except go to the markets on the weekends and give out their business cards.

When asking what they would do if they are successful and have the resources to do what they want, most of them answered to send kids to school, buy or build a house, expand their businesses and travel. While all of them want a better life, women want to send their kids to school while men want to do bigger business.

2 thoughts on “Their Hopes and Dreams

  1. I think you have a good idea.

    May I know how to start your business in China? I think you have no SPlicence currently in China. How do you want to sell your emobilzer service to your target clients,cooperate with local SP or directly apply SPlicence ?