Social Entrepreneur Profession

The second Social Entreprenurship class is a panel led by Amber Nystrom, the founder and Director of Social Fusion, a nonprofit business incubator that accelerates the growth of innovative nonprofit and for-profit social ventures.

Ms. Nystrom said she has done many interesting works – multi-million dollar campaigns, cool conferences in Europe, but nothing like to work with social entrepreneurs who committed to change the world for the better. In this field, she said, she met the best businessmen, investors, visionaries, technologiests, innovators, and social workers – the most extraordinary people on the planet. She sees a merge between public and private sectors, grassroot and large scale movements, business and government – that’s what makes social entrepreneurship the most challenging and interesting profession.

Other people on the panel are Steve Leventhal of Fitz Institute, Judy Koch from Bring Me A Book Foundation, Temp Keller of RISE, Sally Madsen of Ignite Innovations