I Am Grateful

Copyright 2007 P. S. Clarke

I am grateful that the sky is blue, trees are green, and life is peaceful;
I am grateful that the tea is brewing, music is chanting, and home is beautiful.

I am grateful that the right books were given to me at the right times;
And I am grateful that I heeded the beckoning signs.

I am grateful that I am walking in my childhood’s dream,
and that dream is not lost;
I am grateful that I have kept my sanity in this insane world,
and the world is spinning.

I am grateful for the faith that has sustained me through the darkest nights;
I am grateful for a love that has endeared me at crimson morns.

I am grateful that all the pains, although still hurting, are healing;
I am grateful that all the hopes, however far reaching, are coming.

I am grateful for the bounty of God that is boundless,
and I am grateful that I pray –
I am grateful for little things in life – the rose petal, sweet peach and cherry
blossoms, for only I know how grateful I am!

15 thoughts on “I Am Grateful

  1. What a nice entry! I find that it helps me see the positive in life, the more that I focus on what I am grateful for. There is always more to be grateful for than you think!

    Your book sounds interesting and very relevant in today’s understanding of China. Good luck!

  2. Helen –

    Being grateful is an emotion that has mostly been lost in America these day, I’m afraid. So glad to see/read someone that hasn’t lost what that means. Nice work!

  3. Helen – this was absolutely fabulous and a timely reminder – we all have to be grateful for what we have – give thanks – be gracious, grateful, and giving. I know most of us gripe about every little thing – but we fail to look at the wonders of the many blessings bestowed upon us daily – lovely words and I appreciate them very much. Thank you. I am grateful to have been led to this here on Gather. Salud.

  4. hi Helen – I got this far and decided to comment – I’ll go back and read the rest in a bit:

    am grateful that the right books were given to me at the right times;
    And I am grateful that I heeded the beckoning signs

    I am truly grateful for all the right books that were given to me as well – and at the right time – so I do believe the universe gives you what you need…it’s always been kind to me – and books have been my best teachers…anyway, back to the lovely poem. Salud.

  5. This is beautiful, Helen. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for even the smallest of blessings…:)

  6. This is absolutely incredible, Helen. You have hit all the right nerves and all the important things for which we can be grateful.

    This is well done; I love it!

  7. Helen: this beautiful poem is eternally relevant. I am going to read it every day upon arising. I am going to share it with my family, as well, as we often forget to be grateful in our rush to do, to make, to get, to have. This reminds us to take time “to be,” and realize what we are.

    Meeting you has been a gift. Thanks.

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