20 thoughts on “Li River

  1. Helen, this is a gorgeous photograph. As deep, lasting and eternal as the people who inhabit the land. I started my day with this view and it has set the stage with good fortune. Thank You. In peace and the shining light of China! Ken

  2. Helen, I love the way the mountains bring out the three-dimensional quality of the landscape. What a breathtaking vision to share with all of us. Thanks.

  3. Just curious how you came to live in the USA? Did you marry an American and then divorce?


  4. Anonymous,

    If you bother to read a little bit of my blog, you would know that I came to the United States as a graduate student. I did marry an Amerian later and am still married. Would you mind to show your real name?

  5. Ovation,

    It’s called “Li Jiang” or Li River in Guilin, China.

    Chinese saying says, “???????.” – that means “the mountains and waters in Guilin are the best under the heaven.” It’s abusolutely beautiful!

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