Fashion Show in Santana Row

If you think Silicon Valley is a place for “geeks” who only wear jeans and t-shirts, not any more! Last weekend, the Annual Fall Fashion Show in Santana Row flashed the runway with the season’s latest style and high fashion – right on the street of Santana Row in a lush garden park setting.

With world beat music and impressive chic models, the fashion show featured the world’s top brands, from leading British designer label Ted Baker, to cross-cultural fashions of Anthropologie, to world-wide renowned fine leather Furla purses and high-end luxury shoes designed by orthopedic surgeon Taryn Rose – all are picked from the neighborhood’s retailers.

The elegant black and white outfits are still the high point of this year’s fashion. Additionally, the combination of vibrant brown and blue color has become my newest fancy for the Fall.

After the fashion show, I cruised into the designers’ shops featured in the show. Among them, I found Anne Fontaine a timeless class. A French designer drawing her creativity from her Brazilian roots, Anne Fontaine’s collection captures the purity and simplicity of white with a touch of feminine and elegance. In her boutique, “each shirt has a story and a meaning, and with each new creation, a new woman emerges.”

Another fun boutique is Pink Stripes – a unique retail concept combining clothes and sweets. Here, you can shop while sampling truffles, chocolates and other sweet treats. It even has a live model in the window! The shop carries the lesser-known lines from Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, Rachel Pally, etc. The price is quite affordable ranging from $50 – $150. The place is hip, hot and entertaining!

The Fall Fashion Weekend, highlighting six fashion shows over Saturday and Sunday, is one of Santana Row’s signature events. A must-visit place in Silicon Valley, Santana Row represents a high quality lifestyle that “blends a distinctive mix of living, shopping and dining experiences.”

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25 thoughts on “Fashion Show in Santana Row

  1. I dig Ted Baker’s stuff, Helen…..there are boutiques for men and women in the city we live in…also like some of Sir Paul Smith’s stuff; not much in there for tall fat women, however. :[

  2. Helen

    U seem to be in the midst of the hot and happening fashion scenario, and having loads of fun at that!! 🙂 Great to read abt it right here!

  3. ~juniper~

    Glad you digged into the Ted Baker site and found a local shop. Hope you will find something for you :-). There is a new thing called “shopcast”. I guess I am doing my job:-).

    Velu, good to see you again. Hope you enjoyed the fashion show through my blog:-).

  4. ovation leader, yes, shopping while sampling chocolate is really fun, isn’t it!

    Starry nights, thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the post.

  5. I agree with dumbdodi 🙂
    You really do have great taste! I do love fashion and my preference will always be for those whose designs are inspired by the classic 50’s – 60’s from the west, 20’s – 40’s from the east, especially from china 🙂

  6. Dumbdodi, I am glad you found this post useful. Let me know when you come to Silicon Valley. We can go shopping together :-).

    Deepak, welcome! I am honored you like my blog. Please come back often and I’d love to see you!

    Constence, thank you for sharing your preferece of fashion. Chinese style will come soon – we shall see.

  7. Thanks, Deepak! Did you read the cover story on the latest Business 2.0 that how blogging is become mainstream and reshaping the media business? It’s very interesting and worth reading.

  8. I am glad to see the fashion are so good on the west coast I just wish we would see some of it on the east coast. People around do not know how to dress. I am talking about big cities like New York, Boston. I go out for dinner in the evening in a nice place with a suit on and I look out of place. I hope the fashion comes this way.

  9. Santana Row is a lovely area to shop and dine! I grew up nearby, but have since moved away. Just last week, I was thinking there needs to be more Santana Rows 🙂

  10. I love anything and everything that has to do with fashion.One of the most urgent urges for me to lose weight is to get into those lovely clothes.Great post as always,helen 🙂

  11. Nicely done, Helen. I was surprised with the fashions I found in California this past week. Black and white has been so easy to pull off but, like you, I find the blue and brown combination a nice turn for fall. Thanks for the great links.

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