17 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay Sunset

  1. Richard, thank you very much for your comment! I used Microsfot Office Picture Manager to enhance the colore a little bit. It’s taken just last week when we were traveling in Maryland.

  2. Helen,
    I lived for years near the Chesapeake and spend many happy hours around the Bay, but I never saw one this vivid. Some beauties, though! Are you sure this hasn’t been digitally manipulated – the way God might, if he had a computer?

  3. Michelle, thanks a lot!

    Richared, actually, the picture was taken at Virginia Beach, near the Lyn Haven Fish House restaurant. It was a beautiful and dramatic view!

  4. Helen,
    I hope your trip included the greatest of Maryland delicacies: Steamed Blue Crabs and, in season, Silver Queen corn-on-the-cob.
    God’s ability tops all. He could make a computer just by speaking it into existence.

  5. Wow!
    Thats an amazing snap indeed, that almost looks like a portrait done and redone to perfection!
    Way 2 go!

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