I Dream Things That Never Were

The biggest problem facing micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries is the inability to access the larger public market and its market information. They do not have efficient channels to reach customers. This creates a significant barrier for the working poor to rise from poverty.

Yet the world’s poorest people are rushing to embrace mobile phones because of their apparent benefits. For examples, farmers and fishermen use mobile phones to call markets and work out where they can get the best price for their produce. Mobile phones are used to make cashless payments in some African countries.

In China, there are already 370 million cell phone subscribers, adding 5 million each month. Every year, there were about 300 billion SMS sent around the country, creating a billion dollar industry itself.

Imagine if micro-entrepreneurs can turn their mobile phones into income generating devices, imagine they can easily list their product information to large online markets without a need of computers, they can leapfrog the technological and social-economic gaps created by the “digital divide.”

Yes, that’s exactly what e-Mobilizer will do! e-Mobilizer leverages the pervasive cellular infrastructure and mobile technology to bridge micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses to the online marketplaces. It provides a single portal and gateway to allow micro-entrepreneurs to post their merchandise to online market sites via their mobile phones.

Our dream is to help millions of micro-entrepreneurs to advance in life. Our hope is, by so doing, to make the world a better place. “Some men and women see things as they are and say why; I dream things that never were and say why not?” –

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