LINES Ballet

I have always been a ballet lover. The MOROCCAN Project, world premiere, by Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet is one of the most extraordinary ballets I have ever seen.

Performed at San Francisco Yerba Beuna Center of the Arts, the swift and elegant lines of dancers accompanied with the haunting voices of Moroccan singers created a luminous aesthetic effect on the stage. It took me to a far-flung land where life is not much more than the sun, the earth, the men and women… Like everyone in the audience, I enjoyed it exorbitantly.

LINES finds inspiration from traditional music in the world. It has collaborated with many exceptional musicians such as legendary jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders and India’s national treasure Zakir Hussain to create magnificent and dynamic dances.

In 2004, at its 25th anniversary season, LINES Ballet performed eight sold-out shows in Lyon, France and was featured at the Venice Biennal Festal.

I find LINES Ballet’s unique angle of presenting original ballet in combination with contemporary musicians from diverse cultural traditions very innovative and unprecedented. It brings new spirit and dynamics to this classical art.

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