If you want to live a good life…

When I first got married, on our honeymoon trip, a very wise-looking man of 75 years old told my husband and me:”my grandpa told me long time ago: ‘if you want to live a good life, listen to the women – they will show you the way’.” I don’t know whether my husband’s ego got hurt or not, it certainly tells the age-old truth.

An old saying goes: “behind every great man, there is a great woman – either his wife or his mother.” We are living in an age that the feminine energy of the universe is surpassing the masculine energy . I can also safely say: if you want live a good life, listen to the woman!

9 thoughts on “If you want to live a good life…

  1. Nice Blog you have. I fully agreed, please kindly listen to women to avoid trouble! Keke!

  2. Good piece Helen. Behind every great man is usually a very surprised mother-in-law also

  3. Women have an intuitive way of walking through life and if she is balanced in her journey it would be a wise decision for her man to know and accept her wisdom. My great-grandmother was part Cherokee and her husband trusted her advice without question, that is, all but her trying to get him to quit smoking and tipping hootch from time to time.

  4. I cannot argue with this one! Men are more instinctive, and women more intuitive. That intuition can cover a lot of instinctual mistakes.

  5. I wish i could disagree with you on thisb but after being married for a lonf time I can say from personal expirence you are right.

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