Mobile Micro e-Biz

Finally, the picture of my project becomes clearer. Here is a short description:

Mobile Micro e-Biz is a project applying mobile technologies with innovative solutions to empower micro-business entrepreneurs in developing countries, and help them leapfrog economic and technological gaps and provide opportunities and tools for them to help themselves.

Many small businesses and individuals in developing countries do not have computers and cannot access the Internet. However, a large portion of them own cell phones due to their low cost and infrastructure pervasiveness. This project examines the feasibility of using SMS (Short Messaging Service) and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technologies to help micro businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their products and services onto the Internet marketplace such as eBay, Yahoo!, Froogle, and, etc. A user case study will be conducted in China, and a closer look at APIs for mobile applications will also be investigated. The outcome of the project will be a prototype of mobile interface that communicates between cell phone and the Internet for small business transaction.

I want to attribute to my husband Paul for his brilliant insight and unwavering support.