The Joy of Service

At the fellows presentation, Carlos Miranda Levy cited a very beautiful poem:

The Joy of Service

All of nature longs to service.
Serves the cloud, serves the wind, serves the furrow.

Where there is a tree to plant,
be you the one who plants;

where there is an effort, that everyone avoids,
be you the one who accepts.

Be you the one who removes the rock from the road,
the hatred between hearts,
the troubles of the problem.

There is the joy of being healthy and being just.
But there is also the beautiful, immense joy of serving.

How sad would the world be if everything in it was done…
if there was not a rosebush to plant, an enterprise to undertake.

Merit lives not only through big works; there are little services:
to adorn a table, to arrange some books…

To serve is not a task of inferior beings.
God, who gives the fruit and the light, serves.

And has His eyes fixed on our handsand asks us every day:
Did your serve today?

Gabriela Mistral