Technology Serving Humanity

At the first Social Entrepreneurship class, the CEO of Benetech Jim Fruthterman gave a very impressive presentation on “Technology Serving Humanity.” Benetech is an unique technology nonprofit – hybrid of business and social mission. It bridges the gap between possible and profitable and provides people tools to help themselves. Jim is a highly successful technology entrepreneur. He seems to have done an excellent job of running a successful business to serve humanity, as he put it: “Benetech is run by pragmatic idealists.” I like the term “pragmatic idealist.”

After the class, I had a chance to talk to Jim. To my surprise, he mentioned to me a Chinese Congresswoman Qing Wu, who is awarded by Schwab Foundation as a social entrepreneur for her outstanding work in empowering rural women. Jim said he would introduce me to her. I later found out that Qing Wu is the daughter of a very famous Chinese female writer – Bing Xin!